What are the changes in Jsonrpcclient 4?

Jsonrpcclient is a Python library that creates JSON-RPC requests for sending, and parses responses. Version 4 is a complete rebuild.

Simpler feature set

The new version is more lightweight and gives the user more control.

The previous version did too much:

  1. Generate a request
  2. Send the request
  3. Receive the response
  4. Parse the response

The new version still helps you generate a request, but doesn’t send it or receive the response. This is left to the user. Once you’ve received a response, the library will help you parse it.

  1. Generate a request
  2. Send the request – Now left to the user
  3. Receive the response – Now left to the user
  4. Parse the response

Why remove the transport from the library?

Usage comparison

Previously (using requests):

from jsonrpcclient.clients.http_client import HTTPClient

client = HTTPClient("http://localhost:5000")
response = client.request("ping")


from jsonrpcclient import parse, request
import requests

response = requests.post("http://localhost:5000/", json=request("ping"))
parsed = parse(response.json())

Keep in mind the response may be an error, so in production code you should do runtime type checking on the parsed value, or in Python 3.10+, use pattern matching.

See examples in various frameworks.

Full version 4 documentation is here.