What are the changes in Jsonrpcserver 5?

Jsonrpcserver is a Python library that dispatches JSON-RPC requests to your code and gives you a JSON-RPC response.

Version 5 is a complete rebuild. The usage remains mostly the same except for a few important changes. Full version 5 documentation is here.

Methods return a Result

Writing a method is the same as before except for the return value which is now Success or Error.

def ping() -> Result:
    return Success("pong")

These return values are the JSON-RPC responses objects (minus the “jsonrpc” and “id” parts, the library takes care of those for you).

Dispatch returns JSON

Previously the dispatch function gave you an object which you had to apply str to in order to get the json response. Now you just get the json string.

>>> dispatch('{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "ping", "id": 1}')
'{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "result": "pong", "id": 1}'

For notifications you get an empty string. For async protocols (sockets, message queues), don’t send the empty string back.

Logging removed

The library will no longer log requests and responses. Logging can be done by the user, outside of the library. See issue #152.

Configuration file removed

Version 4 allowed you to configure the library with a config file. This has been removed. Pass arguments to dispatch instead.

Options removed

The “trim log values” and “convert camel case” options have been removed.

Methods collection is now a dict

There’s an optional parameter to dispatch that lets you specify a collection of methods to dispatch to. This parameter remains, but the value which was previously an instance of a Methods class is now simply a dict.

dispatch(request, methods={"ping": lambda: Success("pong")})