Why I don't use Docker Compose

I don’t use Docker Compose. I prefer to use plain docker commands.

Docker Compose is another layer on top of Docker, which can break or change its interface. Using docker directly removes the need for it.

Parameters to a docker run command are right there in front of you. Configuration in a “Compose file” is further away from the user.

By putting docker run commands in a README, parameters are right there with the documentation for that service. With Docker Compose, the configuration is in a file somewhere, often combining multiple repositories, further away.

Keep data close to where it’s used.

Also, the configuration for different environments are together, beside each other in subsequent commands in the documentation. Not in separate files.

Most Importantly

Having dev and prod differ by no more than command parameters is the ultimate in Dev/Prod parity.

And lastly, I just don’t want to compose services together. Why should the database server come down with my app? It’s just a service. Leave it up.